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Payment is made after contacting the manager. After the manager confirms the dog’s presence, you will be sent payment options and details for making the payment. You can pay by transferring to the company’s bank account (there are also other payment options, check with the manager).

If you want to see more of the dog, we can send additional photos or videos upon request. We can deliver dogs anywhere in the USA (the company Delivery Animal is engaged in the transportation of animals).

About Us

The Champagne Diamond cattery has been operating since 2010. During this time, the institution has established itself in the canine market from the best side.

Its founder and owner Tatiana Dovmat loved dogs since childhood. There were always four-legged in the house (both thoroughbred and mongrels picked up from the street). Since at that time veterinary services were not yet as widespread as they are now, it was necessary to independently treat sick pets.

It happened more than once: one of the dogs got sick. Tatyana went to the library, studied literature, made up medicine, and asked her friend-nurse to give injections and put IVs. The future owner of Champagne Diamond took her first dog birth at the age of 14. It was just a matter of time to open my nursery.

The multi-breed Champagne Diamond kennel will help to decorate your life with a pet. We raise French Bulldogs, Huskies, Golden Retrievers, Spitz. Our dogs are laureates of many international exhibitions, winners of contests, and real champions.

The work of Tatiana and her team, the merits of the dogs, and the quality of the kennel’s have been repeatedly appreciated at international exhibitions, where pets received awards. A whole room in the office has already been allocated to various cups, certificates, honorary ribbons, and other awards evaluating our common merits with the pets. And the recognition of the cattery is growing from year to year.

Looking to get a pet from a reputable breeder and top producers? Contact Champagne Diamond. We cooperate with future owners of our puppies from many regions of the world. We will deliver by plane — safely and calmly, under the supervision of a nanny.