Allergy in Dogs

An allergic reaction to an irritant in a dog is similar to a human one: the appearance of edema, itching, rash, and discharge from the eyes, nose, and ears. It is important to notice any changes in the pet’s behavior and appearance to relieve it of such a burden as soon as possible. Periodically check the ears, abdomen, and paws for redness. Pay attention to how often the dog scratches the same place.

One of the common types of dermatitis in a pet can appear after an ordinary walk on the street. The irritant can even be grass or sunlight. Sometimes, a negative body reaction is caused by interaction with certain people and even with the owner. The reason for allergies in this situation is the harmful effects of cosmetics or small biological particles of the human body. The exclusion of the irritation factor will help to remove the symptoms but will not relieve the manifestation of the disease in the future.

A reaction to a flea bite often causes allergies. The parasite’s saliva contains a foreign protein toxic to the dog’s body. One flea bite is enough for the consequences to come. Allergies can occur even after removing small creatures from the dog’s body. In most cases, fleas are active during the warm period of summer and autumn, as they hibernate in winter.

You can get rid of the parasite using hygiene products and anti-flea collars. It is essential to exclude the possibility of the spread of fleas in places of frequent animal stay. It is necessary to carry out preventive disinfection.

An allergic reaction to food is the rarest type of ailment. In this situation, a specific protein acts as a provocateur. A distinctive feature of such an allergy is a long incubation period. In this regard, it is premature to sound the alarm when the first symptoms appear simultaneously with a change in diet.

A mild form of the disease is treated by gradually eliminating one source of protein from the diet and replacing it with another. In acute manifestations, food with a hypoallergenic composition is selected on the recommendation of a veterinarian.

With any manifestations of a negative reaction to the irritant, it is important not to self-medicate the pet. It is recommended to immediately contact a specialist, providing him with the required information about the possible causes of allergies.

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