Top 5 Dogs Dangerous Diseases

For more than 12 thousand years, the dog has been next to a man. Time has strengthened the bonds of friendship between them. In the modern world, a dog has become a faithful guard of the house and a true friend. What a wonderful role dogs have played in our domestic science!

Dogs are healthy and strong animals, but unfortunately, they also get sick even at home and with reasonable care.

So, let’s look at the top five most dangerous dog diseases.

Plague is a terrible and highly contagious disease of our four-legged friends, which can affect dogs of different breeds, ages, and regardless of gender.

The first data on the plague among dogs date back to the time of Aristotle.

Canine distemper is caused by a virus (a particularly dangerous microorganism much smaller in size than bacteria). The virus carriers can be parasitic insects, cats, birds, and rodents.

Plague is dangerous because it affects the vital organs of the animal. So the larynx, trachea, bronchi and lungs, spinal cord and brain, digestive tract organs, and peripheral nervous system can suffer.

Timely provision of qualified veterinary care can significantly reduce the risk of complications and increase the effectiveness of treatment.

Viral hepatitis (infectious inflammation of the liver, Rubart’s disease). Carriers of the virus: wolves, raccoons, and foxes.

Hepatitis in dogs affects the upper respiratory tract, kidneys, and central nervous system. Puppies get infectious hepatitis in a more severe form than adults and, in most cases, die.

Pets can become infected at exhibitions, training grounds, and on walking.

Treatment of dogs is complicated, but various serums must be administered at the very beginning of the disease.

To prevent this disease, owners should use qualified vaccination of animals. Immunity lasts in the body of vaccinated dogs for about a year.

Viral gastroenteritis is a common disease among both puppies and adult dogs.

The carriers of this virus are ill dogs.

The gastroenteritis virus is resistant to external influences, so it does not die in the cold in winter and in the summer heat.

A severe form of the disease is accompanied by uncontrolled vomiting, refusal to eat and drink, and diarrhea.

Treating a sick animal can be beyond the power of even an experienced veterinarian. In such cases, only specialized injections made in veterinary clinics help. Well, vaccinations prevent infection.

Rabies (hydrophobia) is a dangerous viral disease that can occur if a sick animal bites your pet. It can be a wolf, a fox, a badger, a coyote, a skunk, a jackal, a mongoose, and even a vampire bat.

The disease leads to significant damage to the nervous system. There are increased excitability, rabies, and paralysis of the limbs, muscles of the respiratory muscles.

Alas, the disease always ends in death. But there is hope that with the help of the rabies vaccine, it is possible to form a stable immunity that will not allow the penetration of a devastating infection into the body.

Tuberculosis is caused by mycobacteria – the causative agent of this disease.

Sources of infection can be sick animals or people who have become ill with tuberculosis.

The disease affects the lungs. Bacteriological examination in specialized veterinary clinics can confirm the diagnosis.

Unfortunately, tuberculosis in dogs cannot be cured. Euthanasia (putting the animal to sleep) is the only way out of the situation today.

Dog owners need to remember the most important rule: in case of sudden diseases of their pets, the outcome of the struggle for life can be decided in a few hours or minutes. Timely preventive vaccinations will help develop active immunity, which will help protect your pet from many of the above diseases.

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