French Bulldog

Before you get a dog in the house, it is essential to find out how friendly it is, especially if there are small children in the house. The French Bulldog looks quite cute, and its appearance fully justifies its calm behavior toward children as well.

The French Bulldog is considered a more miniature copy of the English Bulldog. This breed has been winning the hearts of dog lovers for more than a century. French Bulldogs are adorable and calm dogs that are friendly toward people and very fond of children.

At the same time, no photograph can convey the proper temperament of French Bulldogs. These are courageous, active, and loyal dogs. These are excellent guard dogs for the home, their owners, and all households. The French Bulldog does not bring much trouble, especially since this breed of dog boasts pretty good health.

This dog often looks sad, but it is impossible not to love it because his friendly eyes express all the love and affection for the owner. By the way, outdoors, the French Bulldog also behaves friendly towards other people, but in case of any aggressive behavior towards the owner, the unexpected can happen.

The most distinctive feature of the French Bulldog is that the dog snores during sleep, and it does not care how often the owner pushes and turns it over.

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