Animal transportation abroad – safely, quickly, and with comfort

Move to another country or city with your beloved pet. There is no need to part with your furry friend during the vacation. It is better to travel in comfort together. Any cat or dog hardly bears even a short separation from the owner. The wise decision is to take them with you. And, of course, you should think carefully about animal transportation. How to solve this issue with minimal risk for owners and maximum comfort for pets?

Delivery Animal is ready to solve such a challenging task: to make a long journey for a pet a comfortable and exciting trip. We prepare animals for transportation, draw up documents at the veterinarian, and provide safe and necessary conditions for furry passengers on the road. We organize delivery by car, and air transport, with and without escort in any direction.

Transportation service for dogs, cats, and other animals: when to use

The need to transport any breed of dog, cat, and other animals, if there are thousands of kilometers or oceans between destinations, occurs for various reasons:

  • owners move to another region, go on a long journey, and can’t part with their pet: nowhere to leave an animal, strong affection;
  • some people regularly take part in international animal shows;
  • buying a pet, but its new owner is on another continent or lives in another city.

Whatever the reasons for transporting the animals are, you should ensure in advance that the fluffy passengers reach their destination without experiencing stress. It is vital to take care of the food and water on the way and reduce animals’ stress. However, it is challenging to organize all this on your own. Entrust this issue in the hands of a reliable assistant, such as our company.

On a trip in comfort: choosing the best option for transporting a pet

When transporting animals by different transport, you should consider the distance, the requirements of specific countries, and the shipping speed. Delivery Animal offers several options for transporting pets:

  • Transportation of animals by car. We use specially equipped transport for pet delivery. We provide this service for short distances between European countries. The managers of our company select the most convenient route, advise on any case, and the drivers with care, and quickly deliver the animal to its destination.
  • Air delivery of animals. Transportation by plane will be the best solution if you need to go across the ocean and cross long distances in a short time. Mexico, Canada, the USA, and Israel – will not be inaccessible to your pets with our company.
  • Cargo transportation of animals. Is it possible to send an animal by plane alone? Yes, Delivery Animal organizes the delivery of any pet by plane, unaccompanied, to any place on the planet. Pets will feel comfortable during the flight as they travel in equipped individual boxes.

Which option to choose depends on various factors. But even a flight over long distances will not take much time. For the convenience of customers, we offer animal delivery to the airport, and upon arrival, the courier delivers it to the address. Such moments are discussed individually with the customer. We take into account the wishes of the sender and recipient.

When choosing one or another travel option, whether it is road transportation, a plane, or delivery of animals by courier, with Delivery Animal, there is always a confidence that the pet is protected, fed, and watered along the way. Employees of our company do everything to provide him with the best conditions. We will provide a video and photo report on the course of the trip because we know how you worry about your pets.

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