French Bulldog

The French Bulldog is one of the most popular dog breeds for apartment living. Caring for a pet does not cause any particular difficulties, but it has several nuances: the Frenchie is prone to many diseases, and any mistake can harm the pet. Therefore, before you get a French Bulldog, you should study the features of caring for this breed.


Like any dog, the French Bulldog needs its place to sleep and rest. It is better to place it in a cozy room, away from drafts, radiators, and doors. It is necessary for the dog can see the owners while in bed and feel safe.


The diet of the French Bulldog must be chosen responsibly: the breed is prone to allergies. It is better to choose ready-made food that contains all the substances and vitamins necessary for the dog’s body. Many brands have foods designed for French Bulldogs or dogs with allergies and other medical conditions.

Suitable for natural feeding:

  • lean meat;
  • cereals;
  • eggs;
  • greenery;
  • fruits and vegetables;
  • low-fat dairy products.

The choice between ready-made food and natural food is up to the owner. The main thing is not to combine them: the assimilation of the ready-made food and the natural one is different, and indigestion may occur.

Bowls should be broad, with low sides – the structural features of the skull do not allow the French Bulldogs to eat from deep containers. The pet must have access to clean and fresh water. It is necessary to feed the animal at a particular time.


French Bulldogs do not require long walks. They do not tolerate low and high temperatures, so they feel comfortable at home. Physical abilities, anatomical features, a disturbed thermoregulation mechanism, and breathing problems do not allow dogs to lead an overly active lifestyle – walking them 2 times a day is recommended. The walk should be a little active. It is better to keep the pet on a leash. The walk duration is determined individually – experts recommend walking the dog for an hour, but it depends on the animal’s activity. In hot and cold weather, walks should be avoided.

To walk the French Bulldogs, you need to buy clothes: in winter, you will need warm sweaters and waterproof overalls; in summer – light T-shirts that protect pets from the sun. Also, while walking, the French need to be watched: they can pick up something from the ground or take a treat from a stranger.

Hygiene and Grooming

French Bulldogs are short-haired and fine and silky. But they shed profusely, especially when stressed and during the heating season. Therefore, it is necessary to periodically comb the dog with a soft massage brush or a special mitt.

It is recommended to inspect the bulldog’s eyes daily, wipe them with a cotton pad or rinse them with a special solution. French Bulldog ears must be cleaned about once a week. It is necessary to inspect them, lightly wipe them with a special lotion or chlorhexidine using a cotton pad, and gently, without penetrating too deeply, clean the inside of the ears with cotton swabs.

Wipe the folds on the muzzle, in the groin under the tail using wet cotton swabs or special wipes. It is essential to ensure that dust and dirt do not accumulate in the folds and diaper rash does not appear. If irritation occurs, an owner should use chlorhexidine.

Bathing French Bulldogs is quite rare. Frequent bathing dries the skin, causing dandruff and itching. After a walk, washing or wiping the paws with napkins is necessary. Owners should bathe the pet every 3 months, using a hypoallergenic shampoo for short-haired dogs.

So that there are no cracks on the Frenchie’s paws, they need to be lubricated with protective paw wax – especially in the cold season, when the streets are sprinkled with sand and salt.

Once a week, the French Bulldog needs to have their teeth brushed with a special brush and toothpaste. It is essential to teach your dog to brush his teeth in puppyhood: the teeth of this breed wear down quickly, and tartar can form. In addition, it is recommended that the dog be given particular chewing bones and treats that reduce plaque formation and maintain healthy teeth.

The French Bulldog can become a devoted companion and faithful friend to its owner. You need to follow the simple rules for caring for the breed – then, the pet will live a long time and be healthy, vigorous, and active.

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