Top 5 Dogs Dangerous Diseases

For more than 12 thousand years, the dog has been next to a man. Time has strengthened the bonds of friendship between them. In the modern world, a dog has become a faithful guard of the house and a true friend. What a wonderful role dogs have played in our domestic science! Dogs are healthy […]

Allergy in Dogs

An allergic reaction to an irritant in a dog is similar to a human one: the appearance of edema, itching, rash, and discharge from the eyes, nose, and ears. It is important to notice any changes in the pet’s behavior and appearance to relieve it of such a burden as soon as possible. Periodically check […]

French Bulldog

The French Bulldog is one of the most popular dog breeds for apartment living. Caring for a pet does not cause any particular difficulties, but it has several nuances: the Frenchie is prone to many diseases, and any mistake can harm the pet. Therefore, before you get a French Bulldog, you should study the features […]

Animal transportation abroad – safely, quickly, and with comfort

Move to another country or city with your beloved pet. There is no need to part with your furry friend during the vacation. It is better to travel in comfort together. Any cat or dog hardly bears even a short separation from the owner. The wise decision is to take them with you. And, of […]